About Us

Hi! I'm Nikia. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Let's go on a short trip down my memory lane. But first, let me pour you a *virtual* cup of my coffee. No worries, this one is on the house!

Growing up I would always watch my grandmother make a fresh cup of coffee at the start of each day. She always told me that one cup of coffee would either make or break her day. As a young girl with no real-life responsibilities I never fully understood what she meant by that statement. The fresh aromas running throughout the house left sensational flavors on my tongue. But how could a cup of coffee really change my day?

It was not until I reached adulthood that I understood the importance of a good cup of coffee to make the day, especially since I had experienced so many broken ones. I realized that certain blends whether they be light, medium, or dark would make my Monday’s feel like Weekends and suddenly, I started to feel alive at the start of each day. At that very moment I thought “what if I could share the wealth of coffee with others someday?” Why shouldn’t every person enjoy a fresh cup of coffee to help them win the day.

Thence, I created an online coffee store named after my son who I hope will also understand the wealth in a good cup of coffee as my grandmother would always tell me. In my freshly made to order natural blends I hope to make your Weekdays feel like Saturday’s because you deserve it.